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Selling Used Furniture




It's never been easier to sell your furniture, simply provide clear photos and descriptions of your gently used furniture and someone will get back to you within 3-5 business days with a cash offer if we are interested!  We offer clean, professional disassembling & removal services from within your home…YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIFT A FINGER...LET ALONE A HEAVY PIECE OF FURNITURE!

Here's how it works:

~Email clear photos showing each piece of furniture that you're selling to (please be sure that you’re showing a clear view of the furniture that you’re selling – please don’t have the furniture covered with items such as table clothes, dishes, throw blankets, pillows, runners, doilies, etc)  

~Please be sure to include descriptions of the furniture being thorough as to any imperfections!  Photos showing imperfections are required, if there is a small dent or small scratch on something, please place either a quarter or a loonie beside the imperfection to give me an idea of the size of the scratch or dent when viewing the photo. 

~Include your location (city with major intersection).

~If you're in an apartment building, please confirm that your building has a service elevator OR let us know if there are any stairs involved in the removal.  

~Inform us of when the items need to be removed by.

~Please confirm that photos are “current” and that the items are as shown in the photos (for example, don’t send me a photo of the dining room set fully assembled in the dining room if the dining room set is all taken apart with chairs piled on top of the table top in the garage)!

~Please confirm that all items are completely assembled – we don’t make offers for or purchase upon arrival any furniture items that have been disassembled by anyone besides our professional movers.  If disassembling is required for removal, our movers will do that upon arrival. 

~DON'T FORGET to include your name and contact info!

~Don't have a digital camera, cell phone or email?  Since the process of emailing photos is the quickest & easiest way to get photos to us, we usually suggest to have a friend or family member that has access to email help you with this however if that is not an option, you can drop off or mail regular photos to our retail location to the attention of “Purchasing Department”.  Please allow 3-5 business days for a response if delivering hard copy photos to our location.



Please allow 2 full business days for a reply from our purchasing department.  We will reply letting you know either way if we're able to purchase your items or not.

A few things to consider:

~Although we understand that well loved furniture will show signs of usage such as the odd scratch & dent, please be aware that we’re unable to purchase "damaged" furniture (rips, stains, water damage, burns, broken pieces, missing hardware, wobbly dining chairs, sofas with broken seat springs, furniture with broken glass, etc). 

~~Undecided on whether or not to describe certain pieces as “damaged”?  Perhaps take a good look at the items you’re trying to sell and ask yourself if you would purchase that item from a retail store for your home in its current condition.  If you don’t picture yourself wanting to purchase the item due to its condition, then it’s probably not an item that our customers would be interested in purchasing for their home!

~We do have a minimum resale / quantity requirement in order to offer cash including our removal services (sending a 26' truck, driver & professional movers out for).   Please be sure to send photos of ALL furniture items that you're ready to part with as the more you have, the better we can serve you!  It will be determined by our purchasing department if your lot of furniture meets this requirement and you will be informed either way within 2 business days if we can provide a cash offer including our removal services for your sale.  

~Don't wait till the LAST MINUTE!!!  Although we always try our best to accommodate short notice sales, please understand that there is a high demand for our services and our trucks & movers book up quickly!   Sending us the photos & all information at least 1-2 weeks before moving, renovating or whatever the reason may be for your sale is suggested in order to get an appointment for purchase & removal in time! 

~We are a liquidation company, not an end user purchasing your couch for our own personal living room!  We buy used furniture for resale!  We will make you an offer based on the estimated resale value of the items within our used furniture store, not based on what you purchased the items for when purchased new!  

We also take many other factors into consideration when providing a cash offer such as the cost involved in acquiring your furniture (26' straight truck, driver & professional movers), time involved in disassembling, time involved in reassembly, cost of storage space when our retail outlet is too full and then finally cost of retail space when it’s ready to enter our showroom!

This being said, please don't send us photos of your furniture if you're expecting close to what you paid for the items when you purchased them brand new!   The value of furniture depreciates drastically after usage and even though you may consider your furniture “brand new” because of its condition or age (even if you bought it 1 week ago), “used” is still “used” and once in our “used furniture store”, it’s sold as “used furniture”! 

~Although we would LOVE to purchase every single piece of furniture in the GTA!  We purchase based on supply & demand as well as space availability because we also do large volume liquidations from 5 star hotels.  We receive several emails daily from people selling used furniture and although we would be more than happy to accommodate every single sale, sometimes we have to say "no thank you" due to a variety of different factors that are considered during evaluation.  You will receive a reply from our purchasing department letting you know either way, yes please... or... no thank you within 2 business days!



Some things we're currently shopping for:

~Complete matching sets of contemporary style bedroom furniture, living room furniture & dining room furniture. 

~Low profile TV stands

~Accent furniture such as console tables, accent chairs, nesting tables, benches, curio cabinets, plant / display stands, bakers racks, free standing kitchen islands, etc

~teak furniture

~Furniture for the “home office” such as home style office desks, regular bookcases, small filing cabinets/pencil cabinets, contemporary style computer chairs, etc

~We purchase most Ikea furniture too!

Some things we're NOT shopping for:

Appliances, tube TVs, very large TV entertainment wall units that take up an entire living room wall, patio furniture, window air conditioners, baby furniture, toys, books, movies, CD’s, video games, computers, stereos & stereo equipment, area rugs, metal office furniture, metal futons, tools, fixtures, bathroom furniture, musical instruments including pianos, games (pool tables, air hockey, etc), mattresses and box springs, "incomplete" furniture sets (for example, a dining table with 1 chair)!  

We don't purchase light fixtures, drapery, linens, dishes, clothing, furniture that is disassembled (even if it’s described as brand new in the box) or renovation items (used kitchen cabinets, bathtubs, etc).  

Thank you in advance for considering Source Liquidations for your furniture liquidation sale!  You’ll be happy with our services & even happier to know you’re doing what you can for the environment with recycling & repurposing! 

You can sell your furniture with a smile knowing that you’re well loved furniture will be well loved by others for years to come

Kindest regards,

Purchasing Department

Source Liquidations Used Furniture Outlet



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