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***NOTICE TO OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS*** Items are only available until they are sold!  Although we update our inventory on this website at least 2 - 3 times per week, please know that availability is not guaranteed.  If you are traveling from far for a particular item that you see on this website, please call our sales desk for availability! 

ALSO:  We have much more in our store than you'll see on our website as we don't always have the chance to upload every item that arrives… so coming in is always best!!!
                                                                     Newest Arrivals:

     Table lamps $59.99/pair
                                                       Item # L 10-29-16

     Floor lamps Heavy brass metal bases $39.99/each
                                                       Item # L 10-29-14


   Table lamps with metal rope motif $29.99/ea
                                                     Pairs available
                                                     Item # L 10-29-15

    Burgundy & Brass table lamp from The Royal York hotel $14.99/each
                                                            Item # L 10-23-01 ~
Quantities Available


    Tiffany style lamps $79.99
                                                        Item # L 09-24-20

   Tiffany style lamps $99.99
                                                Item # L 09-24-21

     small wrought iron lamps $14.99/each
                                                                                        Item # L 09-19-06

   Wood & hammered metal table lamp with glass shade $29.99/each
                              Item # L 09-19-07

    Wood and hammered metal table lamps $29.99/each
                                                                                  Item # L 09-19-08

    Wood and hammered metal table lamps $29.99/each
                                                                                                   Item # L 09-19-11

    Black metal table lamps $29.99/each
                                                                                                  Item # L 09-19-12

   Wood and metal 2 arm table lamps $39.99/each
                                                   Item # L 09-19-13


    Backlit Vanity mirrors $79.99/each
                                                                                                             42" x 34" 
                                                                                                             Item # M 09-13-02 ~
Quantities Available

                                                                 More Lighting available:


    Black and nickel floor lamps $19.99/each
                                                                                                Item # L 08-28-07 ~
Quantities Available


    Silver task lamps $29.99/each
                                                                                                        Item # L 08-28-05 ~ Quantities Available

    Silver table lamps $19.99/each
                                                                                                        Item # L 08-28-06 ~ Quantities Available

    Brass floor lamps ON SALE $4.99/EA
                                                                                                  Variety of styles available
                                                                                                  Item # L 08-22-06 ~
Quantities Available

   Pair of ceramic lamps $49.99/ea
                                                   Item # L 08-01-05

    Brass table lamps $29.99/each
                                                                                                        Item # L 07-19-16 ~ Currently out of stock

    Hand painted Asian style lamps $24.99/each
                                                                                                              from The Royal York Hotel ~                                                                                                                                                    
Currently out of stock
                                                                                                              Item # RY 11-18-2

    Crystal & Brass table lamps $29.99/each
                                                                                                     from The Royal York Hotel ~ Quantities Available
                                                                                                     Item # L 07-19-08 ~ Currently out of stock

   Brass table lamps $29.99/each
                                                  Item # L 07-19-09 ~ Quantities Available


   Task lamps with electrical outlets $29.99 each  - REDUCED $19.99/EACH 
                                                           Item # L 05-06-04

   Bronze finish table lamps nickle base $24.99 each  REDUCED $14.99/each
                                                           Item # L 04-11-12 ~ - Quantities Available 

   Cherry finish floor lamps with nickle base $39.99 REDUCED $19.99/ea     
                                                           Item # L 04-04-29 ~
Quantities Available

                                                                                      More Lighting:

   Task lamp with shade & electrical outlet $29.99 each - REDUCED $19.99/each
                                                           Item # L 03-28-16 ~
Quantities Available

   Brass desk / task lamps with electrical outlets & phone jack $29.99 each
                                                          Item # L 03-28-18  ~ Currently out of stock


   Double candle stick table lamps with shades $19.99 each - REDUCED $9.99
                                                           Item # L 11-20-15

   Table Lamps from the Historic Royal York Hotel Refurbishment  $14.99/EACH
  Item # L 11-28-1
   Table Lamps from the Historic Royal York Hotel Refurbishment $24.99 each 
                                                          Item # L 11-18-2
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