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Home Office

Whether you need a desk or a filing cabinet for your home or business,
we  have a variety of furniture for your office. 


 Mahogany Desk w/ Gold Accents
$59.99 each
Item # HO 296004 BWM


 Mahogany Desk $59.99
Item # HO 429609 HAWM

 Faux Leather Office Chair $59.99
Item # HO 429610 HAWM

 Small Black Office Chair $59.99
Item # HO 429619 HAWM

 Espresso Desk $59.99
Item # HO 429621 HAWM


    Green Writing Desk with Matching Chair $99.99 each

                                               42"w x 24"d - ($79.99 without chair)
                                               Item # HP 021903 ARISTA ~Out of Stock~


  Cherry Desk with 2 Drawers with Gold Accents $59.99 each 
         54"l x 25"w x 30.5"h
 Item # H 880138 CHIMO ~Quantities Available-

   Cherry Small Writing Desk with Matching Bench, Perfect for a Bedroom $89.99/set
                                                     Item # H 880112 CHIMO ~Quantities Available-

  Mahogany Desk with 2 Drawers and Gold Accents $59.99 each 
 54"l x 25"w x 30.5"h
 Item # H 880136 CHIMO ~Out of Stock~

  Mahogany Vanity Console with Green Patterned Seating Ottoman $89.99/set
    Item # M 880134 CHIMO ~Quantities Available-

    Upholstered Office Chair with Arms and Casters $14.99 each
           Item # HP 880106 CHIMO ~Quantities Available- 

   Writing Desk with Turned Legs and Dental Moldings $59.99 each NOW $29.99 EACH
     60"l x 30"w x 30.5"h
     Item # HP 880114 CHIMO ~Limited Quantities-


   Black Leather Swivel Office Chairs $59.99 each
     Item # HP 011714 DAHL ~OUT OF STOCK~

     Solid Wood Queen Anne Style Desks $59.99 each
                                                                                                     60"w x 25"d x 30"h
     Item# HP 011706 DAHL ~Limited Quantities-


  Black Mesh Office Chair with Denim Upholstered Seat $39.99 each 
       Item # H 4276323 DS ~


    Green Office Chairs $39.99 each
                                                            Item # H 121006 HGIV ~Limited Quantities-


  Plaid Office Chair $29.99 each 
       Item # H 101027 HIB ~Limited Quantities-


   Writing Desk with Task Plugs $149.99 each REDUCED $59.99 EACH
                                                           54"w x 27"d 
                                                           Item # H 021802 HSB ~CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK-


  Black, Adjustable and Chrome Desk Lamp $14.99 each 
       Item # L 101006 METRO ~Limited Quantities-

  White Wash Oak Queen Anne Desks $79.99 each  REDUCED $59.99 EACH
                                                          48"w x 30"d x 30.5"h
                                                          Item # H 11207 METRO ~Limited Quantities-


  Contour Wave Desk with Chrome Feet Detailing $299.99 each 
 Item # H 111321 MTEC 

  Gold and Black Patterned Office Chair $49.99 each
    Item # H 111311 MTEC ~Quantities Available-


   Green Computer Chair $39.99 each REDUCED $24.99 EACH 
                                                         Item # 070501 RITA ~Limited Quantities-


  Conference Chairs $39.99 each  REDUCED $14.99 EACH
                                                          Item # B 02073 RRC ~Quantities Available-

   Writing Desks on Castors $79.99 each NOW $19.99 EACH 
      48"w x 28"d x 30.25"h

                                                           Item # H 041110 RRC ~Quantities Available-

   Genuine Leather & Chrome Office Chair $49.99 each
                                                           Item # RY 042504 RYH ~Limited Quantities-

    Leather Top Wood Writing Desk $199.99 each
                                                                                                                   54"w x 24"d x 30"h
                                                                                                                   Item # RY 042501 RYH ~Limited Quantities-

     Queen Anne Desks from the Royal York Hotel $149.99 each                                                                                                                   48"w x 25.5"d x 30"h
            Item # RY 06131 RYH ~Quantities Available-

    Solid Wood Writing Desk $99.99 each
                                                                                              48"w x 20"d x 30"h 
                                                                                              Item # RY 030712 RYH ~Limited Quantities-

   Solid Wood Writing Desk from The Royal York Hotel $99.99 each
                                                           42"w x 20"d x 30"h
                                                           Item # H 073102 RYH ~CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK-

   Writing Desks from the Royal York Hotel $99.99 each 
                                                           Item # H 061330 RYH ~Limited Quantities-

   Writing Desk with Fluted Legs $99.99 each
                                                           54"w x 24"d x 30"h
                                                           Item # RY 032808 RYH ~Quantities Available-


   Writing Desk $39.99 each
                                                           56"w x 30"d
                                                           Item # HP 032102 SEC ~Quantities Available-

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