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Whether you're looking to furnish your entire bedroom or need some extra bedroom storage to compliment your guest room or children's room; we have a variety of bedroom sets & pieces to compliment any bedroom in your home!

***NOTICE TO OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS*** Items are only available until they are sold!  Although we update our inventory on this website at least 2 - 3 times per week, please know that availability is not guaranteed.  If you are traveling from far for a particular item that you see on this website, please call our sales desk for availability! 

ALSO:  We have much more in our store than you'll see on our website as we don't always have the chance to upload every item that arrives… so coming in is always best!!!

                                                                             Newest Arrivals

   BRAND NEW Tallboy chest of drawers $399.99
                                                           40"w x 19.5"d x 54"h
                                                           Item # B 04-09-12

    Tri mirror for dresser $149.99
                                                            61"w x 49"h
                                                            Item # M 04-09-03

   Recessed panel Mantel headboards $79.99/each
                                                           Available in Dbl, Queen & King size
                                                           Item # RY 03-27-01 RYH ~ Quantities Available

   Cherry night stands $59.99/each
                                                           24" w x 19.5" d x 28" h
                                                           Item # RY 03-27-02 RYH ~ Quantities Available

   3 drawer Night stands $59.99/each
                                                           Item # RY 03-28-07 RYH ~ Quantities Available


   Narrow night stands $39.99/each
                                                           16" sq x 24" h 
                                                           Item # HP 03-21-02 SEC ~ Limited Quantities Available

   Lg Night stands $39.99/each
                                                           24" w x 16" d x 24" h
                                                           Item # HP 03-21-03 SEC ~ Limited Quantities available

   Mid- century chest of drawers $149.99
                                                           Item # B 02-28-02 ARISTA


  White bedroom set with gold accents $249.99
                                                                                                                 REDUCED $199.99
                                                                                                      Includes HB, dresser with mirror, 2 night stand
                                                                                                      Item # B 02-26-18 ARISTA - Quantities Available

    Ivory bedroom set with gold accents $249.99 
                                                                                                                          REDUCED $199.99
                                                                                                   Includes HB, dresser with round mirror, 2 night stands
                                                                                                       Item # B 02-26-19 ARISTA ~ Quantities Available

    Queen size bedroom set $399.99
                                                                                              Includes Queen wall mount HB, dresser with mirror, 2 night stands
                                                                                                   Item # HP 02-19-08 ARISTA ~ Quantities available

    Simmons Dreamscapes Queen Pillow top sets $149.99
                                                                                                                    Mattress & Box spring - Item# HP 01-17-16 DAHL
                                                                                                                    Currently out of stock

   Wall Mounted headboards in Dnl & Queen $29.99/each REDUCED $14.99/EA
                                                           Item# HP 01-17-24 BWB - Quantities Available


   Wood Headboards $39.99/each (Dbl & Queen size)
                                                       Item # HP 01-07-06 CLHO ~ Quantities Available

                                                                            More Bedroom Items:

   3 Drawer night stand or chest $59.99/each
                                                           30"w x 20"d x 29"h
                                                           Item # B 12-19-01 HGIV 


     Dresser with mirror $449.99
                                                             Item # B 03-08-01 

    Mid-century teak Bookcase with storage $179.99 - REDUCED $99.99
                                                  32"w x 16"d x 72.5"h 
                                                  Item # B 11-14-02


   Solid wood night stands $39.99/each
                                                            2 available  -
24"x 17" x 24"
Item # B 11-12-12

   Modern wall mount headboards $39.99/each 
                                                          Available in Queen and King size.  H/B has built in side tables and light fixtures.
                                                          Item # B 11-05-15 NNY 
~ Now Available ~ Quantities Available

   Modern wall mount headboards $49.99/each REDUCED $39.99/EA
                                                           For rooms with 2 double beds, with lights and side table in the center
                                                           Item # HP 01-24-08 NNY - Quantities Available

    Wall mounted Solid wood Headboards 
                                                                                                              King size $49.99 / Queen size $39.99  
                                                                                                                         REDUCED  $9.99/EACH
                                                                                                               Item # B 09-27-01 ESH -
Currently out of stock

   Microfibre day beds with trundle bed $99.99/each  REDUCED $79.99/EACH
                                                         (Back piece attaches to wall) Item # B 09-26-01 NNY ~
Quantities Available



    BRAND NEW Night Stands $149.99/ea   - REDUCED $99.99
                                                           Item # B 08-13-09 (one currently available)


   King size headboard from The Royal York Hotel  $49.99/ea  - REDUCED $9.99/EACH
                                                          Item # B 07-26-05 RYH ~ Currently out of stock

     Night Stands $39.99/ea
                                                                                                                    18" w x 24" d
                                                                                                                    Item # RY 07-17-07 RYH ~ Quantities Available


   Solid wood Night stands from The Royal York Hotel $39.99/each
                                                          Item # B 06-27-16 RYH -
Limited Quantities

   Queen Anne style Night Stands from The Royal York Hotel $59.99/each
                                                             18.5" w X 20.5" d X 25" h
                                                             Item # RY 06-20-2  RYH - Limited Quantities Available


    Night Tables from The Royal York $49.99 each
                                                                                                                            REDUCED  $29.99/each
                                                                                                                           Item # B 06-13-7  RYH 


    Headboards from the Royal York Hotel $29.99 each  -  REDUCED $9.99/EACH
                                                          - Quantities Available - in Double 
                                                            Item # B 06-13-9 RYH

   Headboards available in double or King size $29.99 each  - REDUCED $9.99/EACH
                                                                       Quantities Available -
                                                                     Item # B 04-11-3 RRC

   Storage credenzas with granite top $99.99 each
                                                                                                                    REDUCED $39.99/EACH
                                                                                                                    43"w X 38h X 24"d
                                                                                                                    Item # B 04-11-4 RRC   - Quantities Available -
   Night tables $49.99 each - Quantities Available -
                                                          REDUCED $29.99/EA
                                                           Item # B 04-11-5 RRC

   Large designer headboards ~ Available in different sizes $29.99/each
                                                           Item # B 03-28-6 

    Hotel grade bed frames with flat feet
                                                                                                                   - Quantities Available 
                                                                                                                   Doubles & Queens $29.99 each ~ Kings $49.99
                                                                                                                   Item # B 03-14-1
   White wash oak night stands $29.99 each - Quantities Available - REDUCED $14.99
                                                           21"w X 17.25"d X 25"h         Item # B 11-20-1 MET

   White wash oak chest of drawers $79.99 each -Quantities Available - REDUCED $39.99
                                                           30"w X 18"d X 36.5"h          Item # B 11-20-2 MET

   King flat top beds mattress and box spring sets
                                                         King Beds from $99.99 & up    REDUCED $49.99 & UP
                                                           Item # B 081


   Bed frames available in assorted sizes. - Quantities Available 
                                                                             Double & Queen Size $29.99 
                                                                             Standard King & California King Size $49.99   
                                                                             Please call our sales desk for availability...Item # B 2-12-7
  Simmons Pillow Top Mattress & Box Sets - Quantities Available in Dbl & King
                                                                            From Our Royal York Hotel Liquidation!
   Double Mattress & Box $249.99 /set - ON SALE  $99.99! ~Double extra long is 54"w X 80"L ~ Regular Double is 54"w X 74"L  
    Queen Mattress & Box $249.99 / set -  ON SALE $149.99! ~ Queen size 60"wide x 80"L
   King Mattress & Box  $299.99 /set - REDUCED $99.99!   ~California King is 72"w X 80"L ~ Standard King is 76"w X 80"L
                                                                            Item # B-11-08-1   


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