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Whether you're looking to furnish your entire bedroom or need some extra bedroom storage to compliment your guest room or children's room; we have a variety of bedroom sets & pieces to compliment any bedroom in your home!

***NOTICE TO OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS*** Items are only available until they are sold!  Although we update our inventory on this website at least 2 - 3 times per week, please know that availability is not guaranteed.  If you are traveling from far for a particular item that you see on this website, please call our sales desk for availability! 

ALSO:  We have much more in our store than you'll see on our website as we don't always have the chance to upload every item that arrives… so coming in is always best!!!


just a few minute drive from our previous Arrow Rd Location!
CALL 416-748-0119


    Ivory Bedroom Set with Gold Accents $249.99 
                                                                                                        REDUCED $199.99
                                                                                                        Includes HB, Dresser with Round Mirror, 2 Night Stands
                                                                                                        Item # B 022619 ARISTA ~CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK-

    Queen Size Bedroom Set $399.99
                                                                                                   Includes Queen Wall Mount HB, Dresser with Mirror, 2 Night
     Item # HP 021908 ARISTA
~Only One Set Available~

    White Bedroom Set with Gold Accents $249.99
      REDUCED $199.99
                                                                                                      Includes HB, Dresser with Mirror, 2 Night Stand
                                                                                                      Item # B 022618 ARISTA ~CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK-


  King Size Beauty Rest Pillow Top Mattress & Box Springs $149.99 each 
 Item # B 503174 BMR ~Quantities Available-

 Queen Size Beauty Rest Pillow Top Mattress & Box Springs $199.99 each 
 Item # B 503173 BMR ~Quantities Available-


   ON SALE Chest of Drawers/TV Cabinet $79.99 each REDUCED $39.99 EACH
                                                           36"w x 23.5"d x 60"h
                                                           Item # HP 011722 BWB ~Limited Quantities~


  Espresso Finish 4 Drawer Credenza $59.99 each 
  72"l x 23.5"w x 26"h
  Item # B 990218 BWP ~Limited Quantities-

   Espresso Finish Night Table $39.99 each 
     Item # 990217 BWP ~Limited Quantities-


   Console Mirrors $29.99 each 
     36"l x 28"w
     Item # B 286508 CS ~Limited Quantities-

  Granite Top Night Table $79.99 each 
 31"l x 19"w x 24.25"h
 Item # LR 286533 CS ~Limited Quantities-

   Maple Armoire $299.99 each NOW $99.99
  66.5"l x 28.5"w x 78.5"h
  Item # B 286513 CS ~Limited Quantities- 

  Maple Finish King Headboards $79.99 each 
  Item # B 286514 CS ~Limited Quantities-

   Maple Finish Night Tables with Laminate Top $59.99 each NOW $39.99 EACH
         Item # B 286515 CS ~Quantities Available-

  Granite Top Credenza with 3 Drawers $299.99 each NOW $99.99 EACH
 67"l x 25.5"w x 36"h
      Item # LR 286519 CS ~Limited Quantities-

  Granite TV Credenza with 4 Storage Drawers $299.99 each
   Item # B 286502 CS
~Out of Stock~


  Cherry 3 Drawer Dresser with Gold Accents $79.99 each 
     34"l x 24"d x 32"h
     Item # B 880129 CHIMO ~
Limited Quantities-

   Cherry End Table/Night Stand with Gold Accents $39.99 each 
  20"l x 18"w x 24"h
          Item # B 880128 CHIMO ~Quantities Available-

   Cherry Small Bedroom Vanity with Matching Upholstered Bench $89.99 each 
                                                     Item # B 880112 CHIMO ~Quantities Available- 

   Cherry Small Wood Framed Mirror $9.99 each
     24"l x 18"w
                                                     Item # B 9990140 CHIMO ~Quantities Available- 

   Cherry Transitional Bed Side Table with One Drawer $39.99 each
     24"l x 18"w x 24.5"h
                                                     Item # B 880109 CHIMO ~Quantities Available- 

   Cherry Wall Mount Headboard $9.99 each 
    Available in Queen Size
    Item # HP 880132 CHIMO ~Quantities Available-

     Cherry Wood Framed Full Length Mirror $29.99 each NOW $19.99 EACH 
                                                       59"l x 20"w
       Item # B 880108 CHIMO ~Quantities Available-

   Fully Upholstered Bench, Perfect at the Foot of Your Bed $29.99 each
     30"l x 16"w x 18.5"h
                                                     Item # B 880115 CHIMO ~Quantities Available-

    Large Panel Headboard $49.99 each  NOW $39.99 EACH
                                                                   Item # B 880104 CHIMO ~CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK-

   Mahogany End Table with Gold Accents $39.99 each 
          20"l x 18"w x 24"h
Item # B 880135 CHIMO ~Quantities Available-

  Mahogany Vanity Console with Green Patterned Seating Ottoman $89.99/set
    Item # M 880134 CHIMO ~Quantities Available-

  Mahogany Wall Mounted Headboard $9.99 each  
 Available in Queen Size
 Item # B 880137 CHIMO ~Quantities Available-


   Wood Headboards $39.99 each
   Available in King Size
                                                           Item # HP 010706 CLHO ~Quantities Available-


    3 Drawer Chest $79.99 each 
    47"w x 24"d x 29"h
       Item # HP 011708 DAHL ~Quantities Available-

   Cherry Modern 3 Drawer Dresser $129.99 each 
          42"l x 24"w x 36"h 
  Item # B 011732 DAHL ~Limited Quantities-

    Freestanding Queen Size Wood Headboard $29.99 each
              68"w x 46"h
   Item # HP 0117
15 DAHL ~Quantities Available-

  Night Stands $39.99 each 
    24"w x 20"d x 24"h
      Item # HP 011707 DAHL ~Quantities Available-

   Simmons Dreamscapes Queen Size Pillow Top Mattress 
    & Box spring $249.99
    Item # HP 011716 DAHL ~Limited Quantities-


3PCs Bedroom Set Dresser with Full Length Mirror and 1 Night Stand $249.99 
Item # B 9990184 DS 

  Queen Simmons Beautyrest Mattress set $349.99
                                                                 Item # B 9990192 DS ~CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK-


    Wall Mounted Solid Wood Headboards 

     King Size $49.99 each
   Queen Size $39.99 each REDUCED $9.99 EACH 
                                                                                                                   Item # B 092701 ESH ~CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK-


    Modern Armoire with 2 Drawers and 2 Doors $129.99 each  NOW $79.99 EACH
                                                      34"w x 24"d x 55"h
      Item # B 992010 HGIV ~Limited Quantities-


    Beautiful King Headboard in a Rich Mahogany Finish $39.99 each
    NOW $9.99 EACH

                                                                                            Item # B 361252 HSM ~Quantities Available-


NEW 7PCs Bedroom Set with Faux Leather and Nail Head Trim $2499.99 NOW $1499.99 
 Item # B 982004 MONTY 

   NEW Bow Front Dresser with 12 Drawers $399.99
      71.5"l x 20"w x 37"h
                                                                               Item # B 992013 MONTY

  NEW Marble Top Credenza $499.99
   64"l x 18"w x 34"h
   Item # B 9990202 MONTY

  NEW Night Stands $149.99 each REDUCED $99.99 EACH
                                                          22.5"l x 18.5"w x 29.5"h
  Item # B 081309 MTY (One Currently Available)

   NEW Queen Bedroom Set with Dresser, 
        Headboard and Matching Wardrobe $999.99
NOW $799.99
      Item # B 992012 MONTY


   Modern Wall Mount Headboard $39.99 each 
                                                          Available in Queen and King Size.  Headboard has Built in Side Tables and Light Fixtures.
                                                          Item # B 110515 NNY ~Quantities Available-

   Modern Wall Mount Headboard $49.99 each REDUCED $39.99 EACH
                                                           For Rooms with 2 Double Beds, with Lights and Side Table in the Center
                                                           Item # HP 012408 NNY ~Quantities Available-



King Flat Top Mattress $49.99 each 
Item # B 737461 RESIM ~Quantities Available-

Queen Flat Top Mattress $99.99 each
Item # B 737460 RESIM ~Quantities Available-


   Headboards Available in King Size $29.99 each  REDUCED $9.99 EACH
                                                           Item # B 04113 RRC  ~Quantities Available- 

   Night Tables $49.99 each REDUCED $29.99 EACH
                                                           23.5"l x 18"w x 24.5"h
   Item # B 04115 RRC ~Quantities Available-

     Storage Credenzas with Granite Top $99.99 each
                                                                                                                    REDUCED $39.99 EACH
                                                                                                                    43"w x 38"h x 24"d
                                                                                                                    Item # B 04114 RRC ~Quantities Available- 


   Cherry Night Stands $59.99 each
                                                           24" w x 19.5" d x 28" h
                                                           Item # RY 032702 RYH ~Quantities Available-

    Granite Top Credenza $149.99 each REDUCED $119.99 EACH
                                                            40"w x 22"d x 37.5"h
                                                            Item # RY 032812 RYH ~Quantities Available-

    Headboards from the Royal York Hotel $29.99 each REDUCED $9.99 EACH
                                                            Available in Double Size
                                                            Item # B 06135 RYH ~Quantities Available-

   King Size Headboard from The Royal York Hotel  $49.99 each REDUCED $9.99 EACH
                                                           Item # B 072605 RYH ~CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK-

     Large Storage Cabinet $99.99 each 
      REDUCED $19.99 EACH                                                                                                                              51"w x 24"d x 42.5"h 
                                                                                                                    Item # RY 060201 RYH ~Quantities Available-

    Night Stands with Shelf $49.99 each
                                                            27"w x 18"d
                                                            Item # RY 032813 RYH ~Limited Quantities-

    Night Tables from The Royal York $49.99 each
                                                                                                                   REDUCED $29.99 EACH
                                                                                                                   26.5"l x 19.75"w x 25.25"h
   Item # B 06137
 RYH ~Quantities Available-

   Recessed Panel Mantel Headboards $79.99 each
                                                           Available in Double (Quantities Available), Queen & King Size (Limited Quantities)
                                                           Item # RY 032701 RYH 

    Solid Wood Free Standing Headboard $29.99 each
                                                            Available in Double Size  
                                                            Item # RY 112702 RYH ~Quantities Available-

   Solid Wood Night Stands $39.99 each
                                                           24" x 17" x 24"
                                                           Item # B 111212 RYH ~CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK-

   Solid Wood Night Stands from The Royal York Hotel $39.99 each
                                                           Item # B 062604 RYH ~CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK-

   Wall Mounted King Size Cherry Finish Headboards
49.99 each REDUCED $39.99 EACH
                                                                             Item # RY 110935 RYH ~Limited Quantities-

   Wall Mounted Wood Headboards NOW $9.99 EACH
   Available in Double Size (Quantities Available) & King Size (Limited Quantities) 
                                                           Item # RY 112701 RYH 

   Wood Night Stands $49.99 each
                                                           Item # RY 051605 RYH ~CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK-

   Wood Night Tables $49.99 each
                                                           Item # RY 051606 RYH ~CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK-

Mantel Headboard, Night Stand, Granite Top Credenza, Activity Table, Accent Chair, Mirror, 1 Small Print, 1 Large Print,
Lamp, 2 Curtain Panels, Floor Lamp =
Please Refer to the Hotel Furnishings Page for More Details

Wall Mounted Headboard, 1 x 2 Door Night Stand, Table Lamp, Floor Lamp, 1 Large Print, Sofa Chair,
1 Small Print, Desk, Espresso Credenza, 2 Curtain Panels, 1 Mirror = $199.99/Room 
Please Refer to the Hotel Furnishings Page for More Details


   Free Standing Headboard $59.99 each
  Available in Queen & King Size 
          Item # 031901 SEC ~Limited Quantities-


  NEW Black Night Stand with Mirrored Drawer $49.99 
     Item # B 110185 WW

  NEW Grey Oat Storage/End Table $79.99 NOW $59.99
 Item # B 110516 WW 


    Simmons Dreamscapes Queen Pillow Top Sets $149.99
                                                                                                                    DAHL ~Limited Quantities

   Hotel Grade Bed Frames with Flat Feet
                                                           Double Size $24.99 each
   Queen Size $34.99 each
   King Size $49.99 each 
                                                           Item # B 03141 ~Limited Quantities-

   King Flat Top Beds Mattress and Box Spring Sets
                                                           King Beds from $149.99 each
                                                           Item # B 081 ~CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK-
  Feather Bed Toppers $9.99 each
~Out of Stock~

   Bed Frames Available in Assorted Sizes
                                                                             Double $24.99 each
                                                                             Queen $34.99 each
     Standard King & California King Size $49.99 each
                                                                             Item # B 2127 ~Quantities Available-

  Simmons Pillow Top Mattress & Box Sets f
rom Our Royal York Hotel Liquidation!
   King Mattress & Box  $299.99/Set - REDUCED $149.99! ~California King is 72"w X 80"L ~ Standard King is 76"w X 80"L
                                                                            Item # B 11081 ~Limited Quantities-


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