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*Specials / Promotions*

We're working hard to become your "Source" for quality used furnishings!

This page contains some of the "DOOR CRASHER" SPECIALS we have quantities of!

Most of the items on this page come from
hotels and businesses and are marked down to clear out!

Please call 647-439-9477 to confirm availability as these items tend to sell out quickly!


Join our family & WIN!!!

We're working hard to bring you the best quality used furnishings at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE! 
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Not only will you be one of the first to know about our newest arrivals, sales & special offers...
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Every 2 weeks, we will be drawing a sign up sheet and the winner will receive a gift of either $50 or $100 in store credit!

So hurry up - come in for a visit, take a look around, sign up and the next winner might be you!

     Congratulations to Frances!
                                                                                                                    Winner of our Jan 30 $50 draw! 
                                                                                                                    Frances purchased 2 Royal York accent / side
                                                                                                                    tables with her $50 in store credit!  


   Congratulations to David!
                                                           Winner of our Feb 4 $100 draw!  
                                                           David is looking forward to using his $100 in store credit! 
  Congratulations to Jennifer!
                                                         Winner of our Feb 15 $50 draw!  
                                                         Jennifer took home an accent table & mirror with her credit!

                                                         Come in and sign up for our March draw & you could be our next winner!  

     Botanical prints from the Royal York Hotel
                                                                                                               ONLY $9.99/each   (30" x 34.5")
                                                                                                              Item # M 07-19-11

     Botanical prints from The Royal York Hotel
                                                                                                               18" X 22"
                                                                                                               ON SALE FOR ONLY $4.99/EACH

    Framed Modern Prints $29.99 REDUCED $19.99/EACH
                                                                                                             30" X 30" Square ~ Quantities Available 
                                                                                                             Item # M 04-04-30

    Green Stacking Banquet chairs ONLY $9.99/ea
                                                                                                             Quantities Available
                                                                                                             Item # SP 06-27-17

    SLEEP Queen Mattress & Box spring made exclusively                                                                                                                     for the Marriott Hotel $149.99   Item # 06-20-7
                                                                                                              Quantities Available  ~ NOW ON SALE $99.99

    Sealy Posturepedic 700 series Regular $199.99                                                                                                                               Item # B 01-13-3 - Quantities Available
                                                                                                               NOW REDUCED TO $149.99


 Feather Beds Available in double or King size $9.99 each - Quantities available 
                                                         Item # SP 05-15-1

     Newest arrival of mini fridges / mini bars $29.99 each - Quantities Available!
                                                            Made by Dometic, many are available with keys - first come first serve!
                                                            Item # SP 02-20-1 - Call our sales desk at 647-439-9477 to confirm availability!

   Black mini fridges $29.99 each
                                                                                                                   Item # SP 06-03-20

   Ironing Boards for only $4.99 each!!! 
                                                              Item # SP 10-25-28
                                                          $4.99 EACH       24"w X 24"d X 22"h
                                                          Item # SP 10-25-33 

   Blue and Teal Color Sofa Chairs. Regular $59.99Now Reduced to $29.99 each!  -                                                           Quantities Available -
                                                          Item # SP 10-25-29         30"w X 33"d X 37"h


   Mini Bar Cabinet $39.99 - REDUCED $9.99 EACH
                                                       Item # SP 1-21-2        24"w X 22.5"d X 28"h

 Accent Chairs $59.99 & up - LIMITED TIME SALE!  
                                                         Item # SP 11-29-2

                                                ***HUGE SALE ON ASSORTED PRINTS*** 

   Small print $9.99 each - Quantities Available - ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $4.99 EACH
                                                           Item # SP 01-31-11
   Large print $19.99 each - Quantities Available - ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $9.99 EACH 
                                                          Item # SP 01-31-12

    Large print $29.99 - Quantities Available - ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $14.99 EACH 
                                                            Item # SP 01-31-13

   Large print $29.99 - Quantities Available - ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $14.99 EACH 
                                                          Item # SP 01-31-14

   Simmons Dreamscape Pillow Top Mattress & Box Sets
                                                                             Quantities Available:
                                                                             Double Set - $249.99 /set
                                                                             Double extra long is 54"w X 80"L ~ Regular double is 54"w X 74"L 
                                                                             Queen Set - $300 /set ~ 60"w X 80" L
                                                                             King Set $300 /set
                                                                             California King is 72" w X 80" L ~ Standard King is 76"w X 80" L
                                                             LIMITED TIME SALE!                                      
                                            Doubles $99.99 ~ Queens $99.99 ~ Kings $99.99
                                                                              Item # B 11-08-1                                                                          

   Light Oak Finish Wall Mirrors $19.99 each - Quantities Available - Reduced - $9.99 each -
                                                         Item # SP 10-25-32           30"w X 2"d X 42.5h

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